e learning throught Smarthi  Deeksha (distant initiaition)

Smarthi deeksha system is done when guru and Student lives very far in different places/ nation. Guru Natha  imangine the students shatchakras with secret visualisation with smarthi deeksha mantra and rituals to remove stains or sins called papas throught tantrik purification and send divine energy of Guru parampara (spiritual lineage) through yoga krama , to show him the path of pashu to pashu pathi.  practical learning is possible through skype. Guruji always prefer to have direct initiation and clasess.Initiation into mantra through smarthi deeksha and meditation teaching is possible but detailed avarana puja and kriya paddhati should be learned directly from guru  or once you learn it you have to perform in front of guru ,so that he can correct you if any thing is missing. students should have very good  interaction with guruj natha . Its foolishness that we think by paying or easily getting initiation or books is enough for spiritual improvement. being with guru and practicing under him with out any ego wil change your life . Guru natha  is the divine ligh, one who is in the form of human, who is willing to share his divine learning and experiance is more important than anything  in shaktism. Tantra shastra says who lives near should visit daily and who is away should try  to reach him whennever possible. Its not for only supporting , its mainly for learning and the experiance you get when you are with him in different mode of sadhana.  

Srividya Shakti sadhana
Shakti sadhana Level 1 initiataion
what all you can learnand practice 
Initiation into laghu gurupaduka, Ganapati , vaidiki and tantriki gayatri mantra . vaidiki is optional but tantriki with 28 beeja is mandatory in sadhana. then you have to learn gayatri mudras and Sadhya vandhana. Sandhya is very important, even if you are not able to perform sandhya with achamana and  tarpanas you have option for sandhya meditation in your body which is taught by Guru.  Any body who is iniiated into Brahmagayatri is shakta . here accepting durga mantara and saptashati  practice  wil be good for Duritha nivarana .  option for next level  is balavidhana or  you can continue durga pancha krama  vidhanam which ends into panchadasi Srividya. gayatri avarana puja and 32mudras are taught here 
* hardcore and fulltime sadhakas have to go through different krama which is called amanay krama related to shatchakra and shad shambhava. shaktabhishekam happens here with Deeksha.
Shakti sadhana Level 2 initiataion
what all you can learnand practice 
 initiataion of samanaya Gurupauka , shakti ganapathi and  Bala tripura sundari . After completing purascharana of Bala  sadhana which is for ghata shuddhi,the  can directly  get into panchadsi initiation which is sadhana for urdwagti or  you can complete bala pancha krama according to urdwamyana to Bala poorna kalashas. . Some cases shuddh vidya is added  ,once you complete japa according to gurujis instruction you can learn and  perform below srichakra puja up to nineth avarana  or bala bhairavi avarana krama . the pancha mudra starting from stambhana , nine mudra of bala bhairavi is taught here .if you are ininitiated in sri chakra archana ten mudra of chakra puja is taught herer.
* hard core sadhaka who like to practice veera marga sadhana have to learn using pancha tattwa ,vijaya pana , patra sadhna etc .
Shakti sadhana Level 3 initiataion
what all you can learnand practice 
 initiataion of maha Gurupauka , shakti ganapathi and  Bala panchadasi tripura sundari . After completing purascharana of Bala  sadhana which is for ghata sadhakas can directly can get into saubhagua panchadsi initiation by adding panchadasi to bala which is sadhan for urdwagti .here slowly you leave  bala which is alreadyn in paduka  from moolavidya and practice panchadasi which ends to laghu shodasi sadhana. you can practice rashmi mala , special japa of angavidya . here nityankrama wil be initiated aparat from chakra krama . sadhaka can get into laghu  shodashi then to maha extra .  
Shakti sadhana Level 4 initiataion
what all you can learnand practice 
 initiataion of maha maha Gurupauka , Srividya  ganapathi and  ladhu sodasi  . After completing purascharana of sodasi which is for creating of soma  can directly can get into maha sodasi initiation with maha padukas and sankalpa mahavakya  . After this you wil be able to do complete puja above bindu time to time with the blessing of guru . swarna bhairava and rasbhairava sadhana is possible here.you can then practice  para avarana  and then into kala sankarshini.pancha shoonya avarana. here if guru blesses you with his feet on your head you wil be given right to do charana vasana beautiful archana of padukas. sadhakas who want to practice das mahavidyas can do it seperatly after nine avaran above bindhu.
Shakti sadhana Level 5 initiataion
what all you can learnand practice 
 Initiataion into gupta paduka , Mansasa avarana archna which leads you to state of para bhattarka , worshipping body as sriyantra completly detached from external rituals
maha sankalpa japam . you can also practice adya krama with kriya mahavakhya  after srividya krama . here adya or kalsankarshini is complete absorbtion.

* nyasas are very important in sadhana , more you do nyasas on your body more you get enrgised  . concentrarting internal and external nyasas wil give you the power of  experiancing the energy more important than anything .panchadsi is very important because it contains the three krama kadi hadi and sadi ,where  is kadi worshipped as kali the power , hadi is sundari the beauty  and sadi is wisdom .they are Sat(kali) Chit(tara) and Ananda(sundari).

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Guru Paduka Sadhana

Guru sadhan or meditation is the technique in tantra shastra to connect to guru and gurushakti amba . This meditation which is beautiful visualisation of ones guru and his wife as shiva and shakti .This is later developed into graet sadha of charanavasana and aughatrayasadhana . this meditation includes visualisation matras of Sre guru in 1000petal lotus  and his meditation and mantras . The practice of Armour for protectionwith guru mantras .Merging of tma paduka to Gurupaduka or the journey from mooladara to sahasrara .


Brahma Gayatri tantriki

As we all knows the sadhanof vaidiki brahma gayatri , we also have 24 letter tantriki brahma gayatri which is know for very few . This is actually practiced by hardcore tantriksadhaks of Brahmagayatri. the meditation and chanting practice of this 24 syllable mantra and its gayatri mantra is a great experiance  . The speciall mudras and viniyoga is also very powerfull.

Tantriki sandhya

Tantriki sandya is only followed by tantra practitioners .  Its four time practice in a aday. Its can be practised internally in trikutas and externaly on sriyantra . The gaytris of vageeswari, kameswari , amriteswari and turiya is practiced . four Devata tarpanas is practiced folowed by Pitu asbharava and matru as bhairavai . there is practice of lupta sandhya also .

Martanda bhairava Meditation

Martand bhairava sadhana the worshipof Aditya (sun) as marthanda bhairava and his meditation and visualisation with is powerfull mantra chandamarthada bhairava. The rituals of worshipping marthanda bhairava and pashu marthand is normally done before Srichakra yagna . This ios very important meditation or practice  in srividya which removes karmic burdens and gives vigour