Sri Nadanta Anandanatha  (Dr. Arjun Karunakaran) was born to PV Janaki Amma and AV Karunakaran Master  in Nayar Family  called Puthiya Veetiil at Tellicherry  which is 0ne of the branch of Meppad Tradition . This family ancestral house  had very good practice of Srividya in their traditional style called machil Adiyathiram/buveneswari puja .Nadantas mother was Daughter of Shankaran Nair and Ammalu ammal and grand daughter of KT Appa Nambiar (Srividya initiate from Yogiswarji)  .Nadantas father was son of AV parvathy amma and Meppad kammaran Gurukkal ( Siddha from Meppad & odangara Sampradya) . Nadanta was blessed with both fathers and mothers tradition , left his high flying career in  MNC to pursue his passion in Srividya sadhana and spreading  Shakta matha. Though  his  academic kowledge was in  Computer Applications and Bussiness Administration  his professiional experiance lies in  banking and insurance industry . His deep love to traditional srividya sampradaya of kali matha with dynamic influence of his grand father Gurukkal of meppad, well known tantric made himself a deep initiate in the tradional shakta tantra and Para prasada srividya tradition of kula system  and kalasankarshini kali of Siddha mahartha krama which he is practicing for the last 21 years. By the blessings of kula devata ,Yogeswari (shulini) , kula Guru odunatha of pitru sampradaya , srividya  maha gurumandalam of meppad mantrashala and his Guruparampara  he  esatablished Meppad Madom and installed Guru Datta in Bramara Guha and  build anushtana peetam with Srichakra Dyana nilayam , yagna shala and  goshala   etc to ensure that the knowledge and benefits of Sri Vidya practice and shaktism reach everyone, irrespective of their caste, creed or social status. As per nadanta “It is the birth right of every human being to be connected to the universal mother . Similarly it is the right of a person to become wealthy and knowledgeable. Bramara guhas spiritual practices of Srividya sampradaya connects an individual to the universal mother who in turn showers knowledge ,health, wealth, materialand enjoyment and Liberation ”.

The begining of spirituality

Nadanta  a grihastha(householder) upasaka with an advanced order of Deeksha in the traditional system of shakta worship.Blessings and secret gifts from his Guruparampara and Paradevata inspired him discovery of his hidden self. Swamijis  strong traditional practice is rooted in the shakta sampradaya which follows kaulamarga. Born in Veera shakta kula tradition, Yogeswari Durga as kuladevata  . At the age of 3 years he was blessed by his grandfather as kulapankaja baskara, Great  tantric master passed his paramparya  by hugging him with joy and dropping  beetel juice from his mouth on nadantas head , initiating him directly into  uttaramnaya siddhachara sampradaya of kaulamarga .Very young age his   mother taught him  basics of spirituality and initiated him  into bhakti yoga and sreekrishana sadhana of Gokulesha mata and later into shiki mata sadhana .He  was blessed by  Guru guha the Divine master (Guru) of his mothers family tradition. his father initiated him  into Navaratri sadhana in dakshinachara and practiced vama chara at meppad mantrashala and enter into fifth ashram of shakta  kaula marga.  Later  Goddess Maha mangala Kalasankarshini kali  initiated him into Anuttara giving the knoweldge of pancha shunya at kalarivatukal temple .  

From Bhakti to Mantrika and Ayurveda

Nadanat was set to chinmayabhalabhavan at the age of 4yrs for basic education which gave him very good foundation in bhakti and yoga . This opened him opportunity in very young age to see a Sanyasi  Pujay  Chinmayanada swamiji  and touch his lotus feet and even get appreciation for bhagavatgeeta chanting.  At that time he was only student in his class who daily goes with urdwapundraka . later  shifted to his mothers place and continued his  studies there . During this time he was attracted by one mahalaskshmi idol bought by his aunt when he was 10 yrs ,his intersest in goddess made him to simply putt kumkum on  mahalakshmi vigraha for the first time . Watching the small vigraha smeared in kumkum  without knowing anything rituals gave him immensure pleasure and later made him great sadhaka of kamlatmika. Nadantas  freequent visit to thrikai shivakshetra  with Elder cousin  sister  opened his bhakti to sharabeswara by  the age of 15 yrs . During his college years even though he was not much into sadhana ,Later he  became great Gayatri upasaka by finishing mahapurascharana.He  learned Navaratri puja from his  father in Dakshinachara. As per astrological planetery position and he entered  into an motor accident during his tech education.  Chamunda and blessings of Nath Guru  brought him back into his true nature ,meanwhile he  lost his father, Guru and  his best friend.  The worst happened to him physicaly ,financialy and mentally which brought him in to great vairagya which made him great Sadhaka. He choosed the path of  mantrika and also learned Ayurveda from his fathers elder brother Sreedharan vaidyar .Nadanta practiced kerala mantrika of 18 illam sampradaya, kaplingodan vayi of panchamoorthies, kalladikoduvayi , vannamoyi and peruvannamoyi to many other healing vidyas.

Shakti patha and  Power of Maharatha krama

 Under the instructions of Nadantas mother who is also from Srividya background , he startred his worship and daily visit to  kalarivatikkal temple which opened him into hardcore srividya sadhaka of kalimatha. Grandfathers instruction for him  and prediction of kapali nambooiri and kakankovil krishna warrier about his horoscope and pravajya yoga made him more into spirituality.The glory of mangala , goddess kali who has protected him till now ,  surender on her lotus feet made him initiated into Siddha Mahartaha krama .  Nadanta started worshipping kalisahasranama in bed at late night he got immediate  shaktipatha and divine darsha of his grandfather and guided him to shakta dharma. Nadanata  continous visit to her temple kalarivathukkal ,walking  in cruches  for 3 km daily and  to have  darshan at  5am early morning opened his door to shaktism, by understanding the divine power of navakshari and later some guidance from krishna pidarara . later he learned veeramarga  from his Grandfathers paramapra and practiced at Meppad kalari temple , from his uncle grandfathers second son ( fathers elder brother) he learned Dhanwantari sadhana and basic of  Ayurveda ,  grandfathers students , one from naths and one from kanpath he understood more about bhairava  sadhana. He also learned from kerala namboothiries of shankara parampara  and kaula  practictioners of  siddha mahartha ,baskaracharya lineage and tamil Siddha tradition .Then devi maha mangala  blessed him made him with the knowledge of panch shunya and great transformation happened in him . Maha chakra mangaleswari showered blessings into his life . He got his  first job as Asst Unit manger in famous private bank , and he have worked with major insurance players in sale management, HR & channel develeopment .He qiut his  job as  Manager level in 2010 and now completely into spiritual research and  training .He floated Shakta Aham yoga foundation for  health and social activities with major focus in cultivation, farmimg ,culture,

Meppad and Gupta sadhana 

 1996 after getting the shaktipatha  and  mantra  initiation into Shaktism  by his greatgrandfather meppad gurukkal in dream made him to dive deep in to the ocean of knowlege about srividya .In 1996 when he opened the first manuscript at meppad matrashala, it was gurugeeta and the palm leaf was about four stanza dyana moolam gurumoorthy......mookshamoolam gurukripa . nadanta praticed this japa of four stanza  continously as his  first practice at meppad which later opened him to the Real paduka and Meditation of gurumandala .From a hardcore vegeterian and pashubhava (dakshinachara) he became veeramargi with panchatattwa practice. Shaktaabishekam from pitu parampara , kaulabhishekam and paduka deeksha from Guruji,  Atmabishekam from Meppad was done and became part of mandala . Mahapoornabhishekam by Siddha guru and finally Devi gave her own paduka mantra .Nadanta  practiced sadhana using vijaya, viswamitra kapalam and shankamala as per keralacharam. This Gifted him  various knowlege of mantrikam and left path.  Also gave  various experiance of moorthies and guruparampara in astral level.practiscing neelsaraswthy tantra at meppad gave him  great experiance of goddess tara in the form of avadhoota  kapardhini and her merging into mahapeetam. Feeling and seeing the  Pressence of Narasimha moorthy , dhoomavathy and yakshini changed his dimention of sadhana. At meppad nadanta  practiced panchamakara sadhana which made him to experiance mahamelapa siddhi. Getting close to shyama sundari he  understood the more about the makaras . Goddess blessed him  into mahaamnaya krama .He  became the cheif Tantik of temple and acharya of sampradaya. This gave him chance to perform many shakti ganapathy havans , Sri chakra mahapuja /yagam as per the kularnava path, shakti puja and many  Sharaba shoolin and pratyangira homam for clients of meppad  temple and also practice of shakti mantrikam. He  wrote hundreds of yantras and energised it in traditional way for bhaktas.

Sahasrakshi peetam and Guruji

2007 june on amavasya Guruji Amritanada natha saraswathy os sahasrakshi peetam  blessed nadanta  in to  Divya marga with Gurujis  lotus feet on his  head with deeksha name  Nadanta anandanatha saraswathy. Guruji told nadanta you are one who starts from where nada stops ,anadanatha means you are master of ananda and saraswathy means you are already blessed with higher knowlege .His  experiance with guruji Amrita was the  way to Datta swaprakashanad hamsa avadhoot who later made him to  establish Dattaguhalaya, Yagashala and Gaushala  .Guruji told him to follow the ancient tradition of srividya what he  followed from his pitru parampara   and which was almost lost. Guruji told him it is the eloborate version and cant be followed by everyone. Guruji told his guru has initiated him in parasurama kalpa and blessed nadanta  also with the kalpa knowledge .Nadanta took blessings from Guru Amma , Guruji and saharakshi and returned  to kerala . After completing his 12 years of pashu sadhana and entry in to veera , nadanta started teaching srividya. Later guruji blessed his  wife also into sadhana. nadanta  was  blessed with a baby boy and he  gave  him the name of his  Guru , Prahlad ( full of joy like Guruji).



After establishing Datta in bramara guha nadanta first remembered his karana guru for Srividya , and  was really thank full for Sri Para Battraka Ganganadanatha from bhaskaracharya lineage  who first allowed him to sit  in Srichakra mahayagna and told him the story of dattatreya and neelakantamahadeva joshiji of rameswaram. For him this  is great blessings  from baskaracharya lineage also. Dattaguhalayam slowly became a place for nadantas gupta  sadhana , slowly students started vanishing and nadanta became alone . This emptiness gave him  the darshan of bhairava and he became bhairavnatha. Agastya maharishi was a frequent visitor when he used to sit alone at mutt and do research on rasavidya ,this opened nadanta  new knowledge in to rasavaadam , Alchemy. Later he understood The palce where he build  dattaguhalayam which was apart of meppad kulangerathu thazethattu was earlier illam and yagna bhoomi. Finally one day after finishing the chakramahapuja and after  doing charana puja, nadanta was meditating maha paduka , he had agreat experiance of kulaguru doing his  mahabhisheka ,which  later he  came to know it was darshan of  Agama nigama chakravarthy  odunatha , Sage Durvasa Muni Acharya of odangara . Nadanta decided to share his practical  knowledge  of 21years of shakti sadhana for true seekers.

 Traditional System and Practice Guruparampara

This  Para prasad srividya sampradaya  practiced  hails from king of suryavamshi clan   who married daughter of  yadhuvamshi   and later accepted brahminsm  and trained  under  Rishi  Angirasa  .  They came down from banks yamuna/sharada( or mathura the birth place of krishna) to Dwaraka (Gujarat) and with Rishi Agastya through tamilakam to north  kerala .This tradition is very old which hails from   king  Harita who later became maharshi  who wrote haritayana samhita.  Dattatraya was their natha sampradaya guru and Krishantreya who is  Durvas is their  kaulika Guru .  This uttara kerala desha sampradaya of nadanta and has similarities with the practice of amritananda natha paramaguru of  chidanandatha natha student of neelakantashrama yati of kasi .This pure kula sampradaya and urdhwa amanaya worship practice which  is also seen in pandulipa at  baroda. Maharshi  Parasurama included  nadantas meppad tradition  in 18 mantrikas of kerala . Many in this parampara also follows adwaita siddhanta  of shankara  through sundara nd  vidyaaranya swamikkial also as their great teacher.The importantance of Saraswati puja on ocassion of navaratri shows their bhakti to kashmeerapuradeeswari sharada which was brought by Adi shankara bhagawat pada to sringa giri   . The familiy diety is worshipped as Porkali as wargoddess (chamunda or chandi) which was later installed as yogeswari  Durga in valkannadi vigraha ,and visualized as chaturbuja in daily puja . Guruparampara  worshipped  her as  shulini goddess of medicine(shanti moorthy) with Danwantari and vaidyanatha (nilakanda) in  traditional  healing practice.  Narayana is always worshipped first preference in all rituals . It shows the importants of sri guru devata of srividya . Sri gurus devata  himself is Narayana (Yadhu natha) and parama guru devata is Durga (Durga natha) and paramesti guru devata is Rudra/Shiva(shambunatha). The mantrashala and gurumandala is build according to this. Apart from this the tradition had good practice of Traditional healing through mantara chikitsa , Ayurveda/Arya vaidyam and   siddha sampradaya.out of 64 ajna kali ajna is the most powerfull which is followed here..

Worship of jagadatri Durga

The sampradaya of nadanta normally worship Yogeswari Durga as jagadatri or jadamba in the morning . Jagadatri or jagadamba is visualized as the universal mother with four hands shanka, chakra , bow and arrow. She is seated on the lion which stands on the Elephant called karindrasura or gajasura. Here she is worshipped in emerald green hue. Here gaja means mind . controlling the mind is the major yoga kriya here . the bow and arrow shows the focus and goal of sadhaka to samadi. She is the warrior who fights with different enemies who creates us from our goals. In sadhana our thoughts are enemies . so her worshipis complete control of mind . senses. She is worshipped in the morning after srividya pratasandhya and later vageeswari archana is performed on bindu peetam . This is very important in sadhana because after Amba killed mahishasura and deva has in its ultimate ego which gave rise to karindrasura . so here we worship her before chamunda or chandi mahamantra. So that we should not have ego after accomplishing the blessings from sadhana.The we worship her with chandika navakshari and her mahamantra with madhyana sandhya    and kameswari archana on peetam just after pleasing chamunda on bali petam. In evening we worship her as Aushadheeswari shulini,the goddess of medicine for all kind of dustas and Rogas  and  amriteswari archana on bindu peetam. Durga  is worshipped again as Pratyangira  shoolini in midnight with srividya,  chatushpada gayatri  and kalasankarshini kali and turiya sandhya .

 Chakra Aradhana or Srichakra archana Practiced 

Chakra aradhana is done according to mahalkalpa . kapala pratishata or patrapratishta start from min of  five numbers . Patrapratishta is first completed then starts peetapuja and mandirarrchana. Duti yagam is performed for kudolka and golotka etc. Atamaradha and antaryaga in this sampradaya itself is one hour which leads you to state of pararbattaraka so that you can worship  parabhattarika . Durga is worshipped on simha (lion) then visualised as on panchapreta as tripura . this is the only ancient authentic system in which kularanava gurumandakam karma is worshipped properly. Here Srichara puja is completely anticlockwise  for nirvana. Srishti and sthithi archana is also practiced according to the age and adikara , where others don’t do that. Panch panchika starts from eshanadi , means from eshana (  nort east corner). Finally leads to Paradevata avarana karma which is not any where followed. This is followed by sampradaya pushpanjali and manadala archana where dasamahavidyas are worshipped . finnaly visualising your body as prapancha ,universal body. Here above the bindu pancha shoonya is also worshipped as Mahachandakali avarana . Srishti sthithi samahara anakahya and bhasa are done according to the stages of sadhana at meppad . meppad has both dakshinamoorthy and anadabhairava influence .

The pancha makaras and three bhavas of the tradition .

Pashu bahava  is the first one which is called dakshinachara . sadhaka starats his journey by pashu bhavaafter shaktabhishekam purely in dakshinachara which is a practice by anaukalpa (substitutes acoording to shakta tantra). The he enters into veerabhava after kaulabhishekam or poornabhishaekam where he practice the real panchatattwa to overcome some higher hindrance for Samadhi. From there into karma deeksha he reaches a stage od Divya bhava which is the third bhava which leads higher knowledge and make his soul divine through kauliki kriyaa and merges into para state , where he don’t practice any exteranal rituals . just diving deep inside in the ocean of knowledge which leads moksha . he leaves everything completely detached .in deep silence by consuming his tounge is meat and oozing out of amrita fromhis body is wine for him and he only  called kaulika. Other who still get attached to panchatattwas and claims its only way for enlightment is called paghanti kaulikas. The journey from jiva shiva to parashiva through three bhavas of panchamakara and different three upayas like anavopaya, shaktopaya ,shambhavopaya and finaly Guru upaya is our tradition.  We follow the most secretive sadhana called Anuttara. Nadanta started from stula ropa sadhana to Mantratmika roopa and now practices chaitanya roopa to enter into Turiya roopa