Shakta Dharma Sanatana 

Begning rom Veda ,vaishnava , Shaiva and then Shakta Darshana .Sampradya is purely related to Shakta Dharma  .Normally Sri means it immedietly connect us to Lakshmi .When we look in to Haritayana Samhita and Brahmandapurana Sri is related to mahatripurasundari , lakshmi has worshipped Tripura and attained the boon from Sundari that she wil be known by Sri . Sri means Auspicious or immense radiance .Tripurasundari is most radiating and auspicious that is why she is called Srividya .She is Also called Brahmavidya because she gives the same brahma jnana which is attained by vairagaya or tapas . She removes all your sorrows by giving Atma jnana knowledge of self even you are in materialy attached world ,"Pashankusha danurbana ya eva veda sa Shokam Tarati" ,hence she is called atmavidya . Srividya can give both material and spiritual fruits when practiced with proper understanding. Attainnig Atma jnana Self knowledge which leads to nirvana even staying in pure material world by fullfilling desires is possible only in Srimahatripurasundari Sadhana. So she is the most randiant and Auspicious and called Srividya and her tradition is Brahmavidya  Sampradya.

"Yatrasthi Bhogo na cha tatra Moksha ,yatrasti moksho na cha tatra bhoga

Srisundari  Sevana tatparanam bhogascha mokshascha karastha Eva "

This sampradaya started thousands of years back when pricw one Great Guru (avadhuta) who was Brahma vidya upasaka only in a kaupinam walked over the valapattanam river in cannanore district and entered place called Azhikkal, much to the surprise of the local people.On his journey over the river near to valapattanam fort . The great guru called the Raja of Kolaswaroopam as “Ottavalukaran”, meaning the king who has a sword with hole .Kings attandents informed him that a man in kaupinam who has poorva shika has called him  ottavalu(sword with hole).The king asked his attendents to bring brahman to his palace. The Brahman was brought to the palace by the army chiefs who belongs Chengunni murikencherry Family of kelu Nayanar. King Asked the Brahman to show hole on the Sword. Brahman  pulled one hair from his shikha and pushed it through a minute hole in the sword.“A king should have Sookshma Drishti . Only then he will be able to see and analyse many things around him” uttered the great Brahman. The Raja was not convinced. He thought that the Guru was just a magician who played a trick on him.He told the guru that if he has real powes or “Siddhis” he has to defeat his palace Mantrika who belongs to Yogi Sampradya. The great Guru used his Dhanurveda Siddhi and Every one in the palace felt paralyzed by the magic spell by the great guru.The King felt angry and humiliated but he pretend like having bhakti.In his mind he planned another test for the Brahman.He requested the Brahman to do upacharam to his kula Devata by performing Guruti tarpanam. Normally the vessel used for performing the Guruti tarpanam will be small. After the tarpanam the person performing the tarpanam has to turn the vessel upside down indicating the culmination of the ritual. The king ordered his attendants to get a huge cauldron for guruti tarpanam which was pulled by elephant and kept for Guruti tarpanam.The King thought that the guru will fail miserably in performing the tarpana.Adi Guru of Meppad performed the guruti tarpana to the mother godess of kolaswaroopam  chanting a shloka called mantra Gadyam and invoked the goddess and by finishing the tarpana he called Devi “Amme Sri porkali... Chamunda”The mother goddess appeared on the urali(cauldron) and it broke into two . Seeing this the king of kolaswaroopam ,the army cheif , and the Yogis bowed him and praised him as Shiva and became his disciples .The King Praised him and accepted him as  his Guru natha .  This  great yogi  spend rest of life on a hilly forest  on the banks of river valapattanam. Later two dwijas (boys) from kashi after their upanayanam in the quest of the secret behind gayatri which is  called  srividya reached Meppad  and get initiated in the tradition of kularnanava. They were adopted  as  children from which the family tradtion started  . Later The temple puja was taken care by the matriarchy system . But patriarchal side also gave great scholars , teachers  ,sanyasis , avadhoots etc  . Last generation they had   Prakshananda swamikkal (shishya of ramananda swamikkal of Durveswar mutt ,kasi .prakashanada swamikkal was  Guru of Bhagavata ratna kallayi vishnu nampoodiri and author of gayatrimantratha prakashika, Sadhan bodhini abeutiful translation of Bagavat geeta, Shata rudriyam,Tatwanusandhanam, Srutisarasamudharanam  and many books published by Sri Ramakrishna Ashram) who was vedanti, samayachri and Aryavaidya. This generation came Swami nadanta anandanatha saraswati (shishya of Amritanandanatha )great practictioner and teacher of srividya .

Adi Siddha Gurukkal of Meppad  practiced Divya yoga marga practice and had his Samadhi was in yogagni (the yogic fire). The temple (mantrashala) and the secret Brahmavidya Gurmandal pratishta is build at that place .His Kula Devata ,and upasana moorthies are also secretly still worshipped at the temple which is called as meppad kalari or Meppad mantrashala.There are other stories related to odunatha, odanganara and Parashurama .The relation and the practice of srividya  with Chirakkal Raja family continued till the time of chirakkal Ramamvarma valiya raja and Meppad Valiya Raman Gurukkal. Nadantaananda natha saraswati / Ananda battraka got connected to this tradition through his grand father Meppad kammaran gurukkal who was born in this tradition and later became the Disciple of Brahma Sree Madhavacharya Swamikkal a yogi of Srividya tradition (paripayi sampradaya and from panniyottillam). Swami nadanta reloaded meppad sampradaya  and para prasad srividya tradition which follows the  Tripurasundari  rahasyam and  kularnava kriya padhatti of urdwamnaya










Meppad kammaran gurukkal granfather of  Nadanta was great tantric  who was born in Traditional Shakta family  who great sadhaka of Yogeswari durga  and Srividya ,he was famous practioner of Mantrikam (ashtakarmas)and Vaidyam( Ayurveda ).Its heard this family was brought/given rights by Parusharama. Very yong age he was well versed in sanskrit and practiced mantra ,tantra ,yoga etc . He took  poorna deeksha in srividya under Madhava acharya swamikkal. Under the Dynamic influence of his uncle who was great tantrik and other gurus like Madhavaswamikkal , Veshala swamikkal , Yogiswara swamikkal one mandalam he sat inside the Meppad mantrashala/mantrika kalari for attaining siddhi. Last day astabhairavas came in front of him and tried to stop his japam. Devi appeared in the form of shoolini Durga and told bhairava he is her son and blessed him with siddhi. He travelled different places to learn different tradition and met different gurus. Till the age of 40 he practiced many vidyas and became great tantric.He married at the age of 40yrs. To protect dharma  he has shown many siddhis  .He was also very good healer. Helped many by removing foreign energies from them (bhada mukti). he also stopped and  removed lot of unwanted practices which caused trouble for the society.He has done lot of Peeta pratishta. In deep meditation he was blessed with  formula of ayurveda medicine called maharasnadi which was very famous in his place. As per the request of his bhaktas  he travelled to different parts of country to do spiritual services. What ever dakshina he got he used for the public like building school, making ayurveda/siddha medicines. For his daily living he cultivated everything in his farm. he planted paddy, arecunet , coconut etc . His name reflects even in kerala Educational Rule. Is also heard later he was completely into Divya marga , followed pure yogic path and  and not into ideal worship like his Guru Nijananda Yogi  disciple of brahmanda swami shivayogi.









Meppad gurukkal Lived his Later ages in ParvathyNilayam as Grihasta Avadhoot . This house was three storage building with big wel and a big Goshala.This house was also support for many poor family, every day parvathy amma used to serve food for poor in the back courtyard of the house. Gurukkal had huge paddy feild where he cultivated paddy and other  items  fom which they  used to contribute apart for the poor. Nadanta also was grown up here. Gurukkal was sitting in the courtyard  and little Nadanta was playing . Gurukkal asked whos son is this . His wife parvathy Amma told this is karunakarans son. Karunakaran was Gurukkals 8th child. Gurukkal asked to bring the child and he sat him on the lap and laughed by hugging him, juice of beatel leaf dropped on the head of nadanta . The first blessing or deeksha happend here. After few days Gurukkal had his Samadi


School Bulided By Meppad Gurukkal for the Public. Gurukkal walked house to house and compelled every body to join school .  majority of females was not educated  at the time in the village. Girls where  given chance to  get educated by Gurukkal . He compelled and forced the families to send their children to get educated. He gave Akshara abyasam to the Maha vidya  upadesham to the deserved.This  was one of the school which was famous for Navaratri aradhana , vidyarambam , Saraswati puja and Grantha Puja. After kammran Guurkkal , His Elder Son continued the short version of  Aradhana  . Before his death the manuscript kept for this was given to Nadanta as he was shakti sadhaka.