Srividya wisdom from Bramara Guha 

The practice of worshipping the beauty of three worlds ,phyisical, astral and causal or you can say matter ,energy and thought is called tripurasundri sadhana or Srividya sadhana which gives you both worldy plessure and Liberation. Srichakra puja is the worship of feminine form shakti and masculine formless shiva together which is called shiva shakti samaradhana . She is the beauty  derived from the light of consiousnes para. she is the same  also lalitha one who plays, play of divine mother.  she is the goddess of srichakra , great mandala of energy pattern or super yantra which represents entires universe and ultimate bliss.We teach practices Like Srichakra yoga sadhana , Srichakra avarana puja , Srichakra homa / yaga , Srividya mantra meditation programs for the attainment of  material and spiritual benefits  . We also teach them how srividya practice can bring  happiness and beauty in life . We teach simple meditation  practices to higher hardcore Srividya sadhana  as per krama deeksha .

Need of Deeksha in Tantrashastra ( Srividya Sadhana)

"Vakya koti sahasthraistu, Jihwakotishathairapi,

varnirthu naiva  shaktheyam Srividya shodashakahari"

Bhagavati Mahatripurasundari is known as Srividya . She is atma vidya or brahmavidya and Shri Shodashaksharividya, trikuta and kamakodika. This means she is the direct path called kaulamarga. This srividya is only for mature self surrender sadhakas . This shakta matha or kaulachara  is also called Avadhoota marga or Natha sampradaya of Datta maha rishi. Sadhaka of this marga ends in avadhoota vrithi or a stage of khechari. Shatshambhava rahasya says that kaulachara is the most divine and higher achara regarding other sampradayas or tradition. Shaktha tradition has traditional branches like dakshinachara, vamachara, siddhantachara, kaulachara. Nath sampradayis has also adopted kualchara which is avadoota marga . Ancient kaula sub tradition are vahnikaul,kaulasadbhava,pradodishta ,ramkupa etc  ,there are other  kaula sampradaya also, they are mahaot kaula, siddhamrita kauala, matsodharakaula etc. it is also said that Adinatha has spread kaulajnana in Adi yuga, Siddhamrita in Dwapara yuga , Siddha kaula, in tretayuga and Yogininkuala in kaliyuga. Matseyndra natha who is from siddhamrita tradition accepted vamamarga and brought kaulajnana and later spread yogini kuala which is tradition of kamarupa desha. Siddhamrita practice is with celibacy and without female interaction where yogini kuala , the left path which is practiced  samarasya with shakti. The srivadya worship or Tripura Upasana or pracrtice of tripurasundari has three major paths which is called as kaula matha, Misra matha and Samaya matha. kaula  again have  subsects like  poorva kaula and uttara kaula. 

"Thasyai madyai enama natham sarabhootam samridritham

kamaroopam edam shastram yogininam grihe grihe".

The tradition of worship, deeeksha  and Guru Sampradaya 

Bhagavathy Tripurasundari hereself is atma tattwa, shakti tattwa, Vidya tattwa and samastha jeeva tattwa. In nityashodshikarnava says she is ganesha graha nakshatrayogini rashiroopini devi matramayi naumi mathrika peetha roopini. She is one who gives divine knowlegde or divya Jnana and Jeevan Mukti or liberation. She is worshipped in Sriyantra  in systamatical  method by  attaining krama deeksha. She give both bhoga or material enjoyment and mokha or Liberation. Three guru Sampradaya  or teaching from three major Gurus is there for her sadhana  they are Ananda bhairava , Dakshinamoorthy and Hayagriva. Common three type of Archana on Sriyantra are Srihti archana , Sthithi Archana and Samhara archana . There are also different archanas kramas according to guru sampradaya which may have changes in avarana worship. Srishti method of worship  is good for material , next is Sthithi which is good for grihasyta or householders which gives  both enjoyment and spiritual balancing and the last  samahara is for total absorbtion or  nirvana. The major and important thing in Srividya sampradya  of  Shaktheyam (shatkism) is shaktipatha and Gurupaduka  Charana Vasana . Once student is initiated through shaktabhishekam he become Shakta Aham. Then he masters in bala sadhana through its pancha krama for ghata shudhi or preparing the vessel for soma. The he is initiated into sividya which give his kudalini pranashakti urdwa ghati or arising .   Then again sadhaka is given 16 syllable mantra for flow of soma or Amrita . Then  krama deeksha to sarvadikara deeksha etc. There are Eight majaor Abhishekams in this System.  this can be done as Laghu kramabhishekam ,First is  shaktabhishekam , Second laghu poorna bhishekam,Third kualabhishekma. This three can be done as Eight also which is  called Mahakrama abhishekamn which ends in to paripooran kalashbhishekam. Guru paduka and Upasana Moorthy mantras also wil be upgraded according to abhishekams and deeksha. Four type of padukas are Laghu, samanya, maha and mahamahapaduka . There wil be also initiation into sankalpa mahavakya and kriya mahavakhyas. Guruji nadanta follows direct path of kaula  , he was ealier practictioner of both dakshina anad vama. According to nadanta  kaulika  practictioners who stick with pratyaksha pancha tattwa for only enjoyment and not leaving it  according to shastras.  Once  finished veera sadhana and not  entering to divya state of worship  is called phaghanti kaula . kaula is a state of yogi process which leads to Avadhoota state of mind


Normal person doesn’t know about poorva janamsamskara and also present janama adhikara. Normally when he sees some one, like his friends ,relatives etc practicing mantra japa, and also by reading the merits of different sadhana in books available in market or any other media, he gets attracted and starts practicing mantra japa. But his mind will be always in doubts wether he is in correct path or not ? He also may be thinking wether this will  work and gives siddhis .This kind of thought process will never give positive results. Meanwhile  he may also be attracted to other mantras that he think is superior than the previous . Like this he never completes his sadhana and always will be jumping from one to another and never can accomplish his goal in mantra sadhana. To get result in mantra sadhana you should have strong belief. To get the strong belief and the systematic approach you should get Deeksha from traditional Guru parampara and well educated practioners. Deeksha is very important in spiritual journey.


“Dadati Shiva tadatmyam kshinoti cha mala tryam

Ato deeksheti Samprokta deeksha tatwarti vedibhi


Deekha gives you shivatvam and removes all three mala,only this is the real traditional Deeksha “Diyate jnanam Kshiyate pasha bandhanam”

By getting the Deeksha Guru blesses you with Knowledge and removes all Ashta pashas .Once Divine knowledge flows to you All sins are removed .So Deeksha is transformation of Pashu Roopa shiva to the Supreme Divine Shiva. Females can also attain deeksha like male Sadhaka. But Some pashva practitioners claims that Parnava mantra and Swaha is not for Females and Shudras. This restriction is according to Pashva kalpa.In veera kalpa and Divya kalpa females and shudras can practice Tantra Sadhana.In Tantra chintamanai it is clearly mentioned that , Puranasammatam what ever written is related to Pashava kalpa(Pashu achara).Tantraokata is related to Veera and Divya kalpa practice.Even Dvija  are shaktas – “Sarva Shakta dvija prokta: Na Shaiva Na vaishanava:Adi Shakti upasmahe Gayatrim Veda mataram”and Sanatana Deeksha Samaskara Starts from Upanayana, Gayatri kalsha Abhishekaand Brahmaopadesha.This pracrice are done according to Pituparampara which may be Pashva kalpa practice.When Sadhaka get faith in Mantra and Tantra Practice  by Pashvakapla practice ,He has to find out Kaula Guru and get Amnaya Kramadeeksha and Practices to attain Shivatattva and kaivalya.Only by attaining krama Deeksha from Kaula Guru sadhaka attain higher level ,Veera to Divya bhava then only he become Tantrik. Normally people practice Pashva Kalpa claims as Great Tantric.Mainly it is Ashta pasha janaita, samaja dharma adhishtitha and Puranokta. For example practictioners of kshetra tantra is also known as Tantriks.Many of them actually is Pashva kalpa practictioners and they are who believe in chaturvarna and who are in Ashtapasha and gets Ananda in it. By Understanding and practicing a a small part of tantra called pashva kalp no one can claim as Tantric.Transformation happens when You get kaula deeksha and practices ,you will not be attached with Ashta pasha janita kula jati sheelam Etc. This ia actually the real path of Adwaitam.You can see in rare temples and Shakti peetam pashva kalpas are not entertained. Even pashva kalpa practitioners are not allowed because they  cant  practice them, hence they claim veera kalpa practice as madhyam karma and Pashu kalpa practice as Uttama.My understanding is Veera Bhava is uttama and Divya bhava is uttamottam and PashuBhava is Adhama.This is only because of pure ignorance people says Pashubhava is uttama and pure.So after attaining Pashu bhava we have to attain Veerabhava and become Divya bhava.

Worship of jagadatri Maha Durga and Srividya sadhana and  kali matha .

Daily worship of durga 

Dukhat gamayati durga  means she is the only medicine for sorrow, nahi durga sama puja means no puja is equallent to her worship  ,nahi durga samo japam means no other japam equalent to her. She is the Auspicious .durga durgati harini ,she is one who tales misfortune .So we always worship her first in mother goddes cult. She is worshipped on the simha (lion )with shanka ,chakra a, bow and arrow . shanka which means which brings peace ,chakra wjhich protects us and danush (bow)  tatwajnan and shar(Arrow ) in the form of mantra  sadhana leds to the goal. Here the concept of her weapons in four hand is that  she bring peace in our life ,protect us from evil and negatives , helpus to reach the goal with her sadhana. She is again worshipped as ​laitha tripurasundri . Simhopari panchapretasna , the same simha becomes panch preta and she is worshipped on sriyantra .and finally she is worshipped as kalasankarshini mahakali above the bindu  .

Tripura ...ka

Tripura  is worshipped in the form of icha shakti is hadi matha lalitha tripurasundari, jnanashakti is mahacheena samvaraudriatha  krama mahougra tara and kriya shakti is kala sankalanat kali who is kalasankarshini kali. tripurasundari is worshipped in the three form . The energy of three goddess lies in the pannchadasi mantra . so worship of pancha dasi is worship of three kutas and three kramas 

krama deeksha

krama deekha initiation and tri kuta meditation which is the samashti of kadi hadi and sadi from a guru who is hardcore practitioner , and the cleansing of the three kuta chakras by  continous practice of tripura siddhanta  wil take you to shivatta and take you away from rebirth . There are twelve types ofkrama deeksha . They are vidya krama, kadi amanaya krama, hadi amnaya krama ,hadi panch krama , kadi shodasha krama (srividya krama) , hadi navama krama, sadi krama, srividya chakra krama (sadikrama), mahakrama, poorna kramand laghu krama.

Poorna abhisheka

laghu pornabhishek is commonly practiced by everybody because it can be done even pashwa kalpa

mahapoornabhishek is done only according to kula kalpa 


Martand bhairava sadhana the worshipof Aditya (sun) as marthanda bhairava and his meditation and visualisation with is powerfull mantra chandamarthada bhairava. The rituals of worshipping marthanda bhairava and pashu marthand is normally done before Srichakra yagna . This ios very important meditation or practice  in srividya which removes karmic burdens and gives vigour and intelect for ataining results in Sadhana .