Welcome to Ancient School of Shaktism 

Sri Nadanta ananda natha Saraswathy alias Arjunan Gurukkal  from ancient Meppad  Tradition of uttarakerala Desha , A great shakta  sadhak from Meppad Sampradaya and  Disciple of  Guruji Amritananda of Sahasrakshi peetam. 

Our Mission

  • Our first step is to awaken inner energy development called Shaktism and how it renders different purpose beauty and harmony in life .

  • Strengthen the bonding and feeling  of  harmony , helpfulness and oneness by practicing and teaching Srividya yoga Sadhana

  • Bringing  transformations in the lives of underprivileged inspired equipped and prepared with various  means which not only leads changes in them  and their community  but also in the world


Our Vision

  • Establishing  educational platform for deeper level of research and education of ancient indian cultural and shakta spiritual practices

  • Promoting Ayurveda and herbal gardening and organic farming by  supporting in all means

  • Superficial assistance for young  providing food, donating clothes and books  and even houses .

  • Spiritually Empowering young ones by giving knowledge of shaktism, doctrine of power, energy and mother worhip.


Help us in Serving  cows
  • which Support Gaushala Providing feeds for cow weekly, monthly or Anualy

  • Helps in yearly renovation of gaushala which normally is done twice in march before rain and September before Sharadeya navaratri.

  • Support us in expantion of Gaushala and land for Gazing of cows 

  • support us  using our Cowdung manure Cow urine in organic farming, cowdung cake , cow dung vibhutis for spiritual upliftment

Our Up comming Projects